Dreamate Sleep Aid Acupuncture Device


  • Eases Your Mind, Calms Your Body – Suffering from insufficient sleep and stress? By simply wearing Dreamate Sleep Aid Acupuncture, you can finally sleep better, have enhanced memory retention, and improved emotional stability.
  • Acupuncture Non-Needle Techniques: By simulating the Shenmen nerve note on your wrist for a 7-day treatment, you can optimize your sleep patterns and achieve deep, REM sleep every night.
  • Safe and Effective – Master your slumber without the long-term effects of sleeping pills or other chemicals! Our device is safe, non-toxic, and designed to be gentle on your skin even when you sleep.
  • Portable, Discreet Sleep Aid – Our device is lightweight, compact, and wraps comfortably around your wrist. Throw it in your purse, slip it into your pocket, or leave it dangling from your wrist – whatever works for you!
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