Fabric Headbands For Women’s Hair Fashion Solid Color Headbands


For Girls Woven Women Hair Accessories Knitting Wide Soft Lady Turban Top Knotted Glam Hairbands
No pain after wearing for a long time: Are you still unable to live and work comfortably because of headaches and dizziness caused by wearing inappropriate size hairbands for a long time? The new material used in knitting hairbands is more elastic, has less head compression, is suitable for more head types, and is more comfortable to wear!
Widened size: Fabric Headbands, increases the contact area, reduce the head extrusion, and make it more comfortable to wear!
Fabric Headbands comfortable: solid color headbands use blended fabric which is thick and soft with texture. Each product is refined by more than ten manual processes, Knitted pattern is beautiful and fashionable, which is more in line with your noble identity!
Knitting hairbands are not easy to slip: Are you still frequently straightening the hair band with your hands? solid color headbands uses a layer of suede material in the hair band to increase the friction and anti-slip effect, which feels very soft as well!

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Black, Blue, navy blue, Rose Red, Wine Red


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